Friday, March 7, 2008

The dreaded weed

One of my (work)mates Ski-mon (mentioned here) is embarking on a journey to try and quit smoking ciggies. He has tried all manner of techniques ranging from shock therapy through to Tantric crosswords and is now trying some kind of super high tech pharmaceutical concoction that cures you of smoking but turns you into a werewolf (or something like that).

Anyway Ski-mon is documenting his pursuit to give up the dreaded weed on his champix blog so I thought I would throw a link his way.

I personally* hate cigarettes and wish they had never invented as they are the equivalent of a handbrake to your health and finances. Having said that I used to smoke and can appreciate how hard it is to give up.

I hope Ski-mon is successful and I also hope the pills don't make him start listening to my chemical romance and painting his finger nails black.

*Additional Massive hypocritical factoid: I have been known to very occasionally puff on a cigarette after an ale or ten and then excoriate myself with self loathing the next day.

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