Thursday, February 21, 2008

8 things to do when you’re not surfing or blogging

Its been a while between posts due to a variety of factors including laziness, no net access at home, technology influenced ADHD and general life admin. What have I been doing? Well here is a random semi-concise list of diversionary activities that have kept me away from creating content that ranks for obscure terms:

  1. Submitting this blog to RSS directories (don't ask why as I'll bore you with semi geek SEO techno jiggery pokery speak)
  2. Reading: I just devoured "The Reluctant Fundamentalist" by Moshin Hamid . I really liked it as it painted a salient picture of how a pro western (thinking) Muslim could become disenfranchised with the state of the west and the U.S. after their "war on terror" post 9/11.
  3. Listening to a heap of drum n bass music via myspace and podcasts my favourites are the Hospital records podcast, and the myspace pages for Makoto, The Brookes Brothers, and Logistics
  4. Reading way too many surf mags I think I'm a closet masochist as this is like spiritual salt and lime for the wounds. For what it's worth I rate Stab as it generally makes me piss myself laughing a higher percentage of the time than other mags.
  5. Dreaming of the Mentawais and other spots around the world (France, EnZed, Tamarama,) that all probably have exceptional surf as I type.
  6. Organising broadband for home - as I just think this internet thing might take off and I'm sick of trying to suck ocean sized pieces of data through my straw size unwired connection.
  7. Working heaps and generally enjoying it ;) as it helps pay the mortgage and keeps me off of the streets and is a perfect diversion from self absorbed whinging about the fact that the surf in Australia has been non-stop for the past three months.
  8. Eating well, I went (read got taken to dinner) to Poshbergs with my Beyonce by a very good friend of ours Caria-Canaria and her new man. It was easily the best meal I have had in a long time. If you live in Sydney and feel like throwing a ridiculous large amount of coin down on dinner I recommend it, and the waygu tastes like a steaky choir of angels singing a hym to lazy happy cattle in your mouth. Very good indeed.
Anyway Laters peepz and RSS sniffing botz...

P.S. You like satire and aren't too heavily Christian fundamentalist then check out This (nice retort to the intelligent design quackery being pushed worldwide)

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