Sunday, February 3, 2008

Coffee, Toast and Sunday morning page title hacks

So I have just spent a good 25 minutes of searching, reading and code cutting and pasting to change the way page titles are thrown in blogger. For the average person page titles are the words at the top of the browser which they occaisonally glance at, for the vaguely SEO centric geek like moi they are like cat nip to search engine spiders signalling the basic semantic value of my inanities. So I'll be now able to lure search engine spiders with a better whiff of words about sheep , some drum and bass sycophantic fan boy action and my ramblings about my never ending salt water addiction.

Anyway I should probably throw the person who created this piece of XML/ HTML wizardry so if you blog and need to Change the way Blogger presents page titles click the link cut and paste to your hearts content.

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