Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wintry Norwegian waves

There is something about this video that I love. These guys are pretty damm hardcore to be surfing in the arctic circle in what looks like winter. The surf looks fun though..... (apologies about the ad)

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Indonesian moments of joy

Random Mentawais rights

The arena of fun - Mentawais Oct 07

Twilight tropical blaze

One of my new favourite waves - Mentawais Oct 07

These shots just make me want to go surfing.....

Syndicate the average

In order to keep myself distracted from the fact the surf is still good and I am still not in the surf I thought I would set up an RSS feed on this blog project to fuel the army of scraper splogs and weirdo's who may subscribe. Nothing like installing a bit of basic HTML code on a Saturday to eat up the afternoon.

Well I'm off tinker with further semi tech aspects of amateur bloggery.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fish Out Of Water

Its sunny four foot and semi pumping in Sydney and I'm sitting here at the computer in the top floor apartment I share with my beyonce feeling pissed off, emasculated and generally like a slightly fat tubby ageing super hero past his use by date who can no longer fight crime and is reduced to reminiscing about the good old days. I am such a poor fucking loser and can't stand that it seems like everyone I know is surfing fun waves today while I slowly sink into a torpid mire of despair and mediocrity. It seems like years ago that I was on a boat in Indo getting
barreled and inhaling the heady smell of surfing progress and two short months later I'm a whingey over it ladyman venting my highly spoilt egocentric bullshit to the digital void. Fuck its not like I've had anything major go wrong in my life, one little ongoing hiccup in my life and my attitude plunges to the same level of average as Ben Cousins on a moody Tuesday. Well enough of my self centred crapola I'm going to seize the day and watch everyone else compete over fun overhead waves.
And yes I do realise how pathetic I sound

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Apathy hip hop and a recurrent ruptured tympanic membrane

The title of this says it all really, I'm sitting at home feeling average due to a geezer I work with spreading his cold germs through the office as effectively as social media sites propagate whiny emo bands. I'm also feeling average due to my fricken dodgy eardrum getting a hole in it last weekend after 3 weeks out of the water. So I've been fuelling my cyberchondria by reading up online about the "spontaneous healing time for traumatic ruptured tympanic membrane" type that shizzle into google for a spot of light medico style reading on a Saturday arvski.

I tell ya I feel like I've been incarcerated on land for crimes against punctuation and grammar sometimes. For me I sometimes think that life without surfing is like a barbecue with no snags and alcohol free beer. Oh well I guess I can focus on planning a wedding an live vicariously through my surfing friends the coogs', philomena, Macksteen and all the other dudes getting amongst the warm crowded conditions in Sydney.

In other news I got all b-boy last weekend and caught a wicked hip hop show featuring z-trip, swollen members, the jungle brothers and DJ Format. They were all excellent, I loved the jungle bro's little sashay into a mash up with a drum n bass tune, the swollens tore the roof off , and z-trip totally destroyed the joint with rock/hip hop huge mash up bizness. It was a super fun night with the only downer being the 45 minute walk I had up Oxford street trying to get a cab (Sydney taxis are as reliable as Dick Cheney with a shotgun around Christmas).

Anyway that's my average health whinge - I gotta stay positive and focus on all the good things like my honey beyonce, the nice life we have and the mountain of good fortune and luck that easily eclipses any hardship or struggles I may face

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Maybe Myspace isn't dead

With all the social media hype/accolades and fuss being caused by Facecrook* its easy to forget about the original massive social media hit Myspace that is being eclipsed by it's upstart cousin. I personally am not a huge fan of either of these aforementioned social media sites as I think its stupid to give your content to someone else to monetize and make millions off of. However where I do think Myspace kills it is with the promotional aspects for DJ's/Musos/Bands etc. I have been checking a few Myspace pages this week in order to get myself psyched for a gig I'm going to tonight. It's pretty sweet to be able to listen to a few free tracks from an artist to get yourself in the mode before checking them in the flesh. As I covered earlier I love listening to good music (or my heavily biased take on good music) and in that regard Myspace gets my attention every now and again as I check new tunes. I think that will prove to be Myspaces key point of differentiation over Facecrook* and will be one of the main sources of ongoing traffic in the future as they continue to lose market share.

The main artists I have been listening to online this week include:

*Facecrook: My highly cynical take on Facebook for a number of reasons. One of them being that once you upload content they own it which in my opinion is fucked. I also particularly dislike the photo tagging feature which means that if/when they open the gates to search engines unwanted photos may be appearing in search engines for years to come with the photo subject having very little opportunity to control their image. And no I'm not paranoid I just want to be able to control and monetise my own content/images