Saturday, December 1, 2007

Maybe Myspace isn't dead

With all the social media hype/accolades and fuss being caused by Facecrook* its easy to forget about the original massive social media hit Myspace that is being eclipsed by it's upstart cousin. I personally am not a huge fan of either of these aforementioned social media sites as I think its stupid to give your content to someone else to monetize and make millions off of. However where I do think Myspace kills it is with the promotional aspects for DJ's/Musos/Bands etc. I have been checking a few Myspace pages this week in order to get myself psyched for a gig I'm going to tonight. It's pretty sweet to be able to listen to a few free tracks from an artist to get yourself in the mode before checking them in the flesh. As I covered earlier I love listening to good music (or my heavily biased take on good music) and in that regard Myspace gets my attention every now and again as I check new tunes. I think that will prove to be Myspaces key point of differentiation over Facecrook* and will be one of the main sources of ongoing traffic in the future as they continue to lose market share.

The main artists I have been listening to online this week include:

*Facecrook: My highly cynical take on Facebook for a number of reasons. One of them being that once you upload content they own it which in my opinion is fucked. I also particularly dislike the photo tagging feature which means that if/when they open the gates to search engines unwanted photos may be appearing in search engines for years to come with the photo subject having very little opportunity to control their image. And no I'm not paranoid I just want to be able to control and monetise my own content/images

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