Saturday, November 17, 2007

This sheep's getting hitched

For this post I'm pretending that this blog is not devoid of all attention and doesn't actually resemble the digital equivalent of a texan ghost town complete with tumble weed, spooky wind sounds and squeaky cantina doors.

(sound of man furiously trying to chop the tendrils of the tangential Hydra monster that often lurks and looks to attack when he opens his mouth)

Anyway I decided last weekend to make a commitment to my significant other and surprised the shit out of her by being organised enough to propose in a highly romantic restaurant (no irony the place we were dining at Bannisters is exxy but a good venue for that kind of major commitment/decision) whilst away down the south coast for the weekend.

It was a peculiar and vaguely terrifying thing to do but thankfully she said yes and at some point in the not so distant future I will be someones husband.

So I guess the interesting and insightful topic of weddings may added to my already full agenda of items to pontificate about.

The other highlight of the weekend is that I got super fun waves at various spots which felt like some kind of karmic reward for making a good decision and doing the right thing.

Oh and if you are wondering why I don't mention my SO* much in this blog its not just because I am egocentric and erratic. I also think that she should be free to remain anonymous in case I say something stupid/mention something vaguely dodgy from my past to prevent any embarrassment/ career limiting exposure.

*Significant Other

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