Saturday, October 27, 2007

Boycott British Airways

British Airways have recently banned the carriage of surfboards and a few other items due to supposed baggage handling issues (excerpt below from their guidelines)

"Due to the large size and handling complexities, some sporting equipment cannot be accommodated through the airport baggage system or within the aircraft hold. Therefore we no longer accept the following equipment at check-in as part of your sporting equipment allowance.

hang gliders
windsurfing boards and sails
kayaks or canoes
pole vaults

Now I'm not sure of the motivation for this decision but I figure that as long as my total luggage weight is under the allowance I should be allowed to travel with my boards. If BA aren't careful they might find themselves at the middle of a bad PR shitstorm as micro publishers like myself vent and say nasty things about their business, like "I will never ever fly with BA again for business and or leisure and I will actively recommend to everyone I know to not fly with them until they revise their wayward thinking about surf travel".

It will be interesting to see BA's response to bad vibes that are being directed towards them online.

Radio Silence

Long time no type. I have been preoccupied with other biz over the last little while mainly two weeks in Indonesia on a boat surfing awesome waves and then a few weeks recovering from my post travelling stress disorder*. Holidays are awesome and coming home is awesome but getting back into the frantic frazzled 180bpm city vibe sucks the big one, Especially after chillaxing for 12 days on a boat in the tropics.

Anyway this post is not the full wannabe indo pirates tale more an effort to get back online and into the habit of downloading the words and ideaz in my brain. In other news it appears that this blog has been indexed by the big benevolent G (Google) which means I may be getting traffic from very confused visitors who were looking for hot sheep action but instead got my abstract barely literate ramblings.


*Post Travelling Stress Disorder is a term I coined (maybe plagiarised) that describes the feeling of getting home and seeing things with a fresh set of eyes. It also explains the malaise and questioning that takes place after a good trip like "why do I have to work every day?", "Where is Kasta my lovely indonesian chef?" and "How do you people put up with surfing such shitty waves?"