Saturday, December 8, 2007

Apathy hip hop and a recurrent ruptured tympanic membrane

The title of this says it all really, I'm sitting at home feeling average due to a geezer I work with spreading his cold germs through the office as effectively as social media sites propagate whiny emo bands. I'm also feeling average due to my fricken dodgy eardrum getting a hole in it last weekend after 3 weeks out of the water. So I've been fuelling my cyberchondria by reading up online about the "spontaneous healing time for traumatic ruptured tympanic membrane" type that shizzle into google for a spot of light medico style reading on a Saturday arvski.

I tell ya I feel like I've been incarcerated on land for crimes against punctuation and grammar sometimes. For me I sometimes think that life without surfing is like a barbecue with no snags and alcohol free beer. Oh well I guess I can focus on planning a wedding an live vicariously through my surfing friends the coogs', philomena, Macksteen and all the other dudes getting amongst the warm crowded conditions in Sydney.

In other news I got all b-boy last weekend and caught a wicked hip hop show featuring z-trip, swollen members, the jungle brothers and DJ Format. They were all excellent, I loved the jungle bro's little sashay into a mash up with a drum n bass tune, the swollens tore the roof off , and z-trip totally destroyed the joint with rock/hip hop huge mash up bizness. It was a super fun night with the only downer being the 45 minute walk I had up Oxford street trying to get a cab (Sydney taxis are as reliable as Dick Cheney with a shotgun around Christmas).

Anyway that's my average health whinge - I gotta stay positive and focus on all the good things like my honey beyonce, the nice life we have and the mountain of good fortune and luck that easily eclipses any hardship or struggles I may face

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