Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Sniffer Dogs

As previously noted in my post about The Sniffer Dogs, they are one of the best dub reggae bands you have (probably) never heard of who create some wicked dub/reggae/ska tunes. Anyway they're playing in Sydney on Saturday night to launch their new CD . If you are an actual human reader (as opposed to a search engine robot sniffing my RSS feed) and you are located anywhere near Sydney and like music and beer I would recommend getting along to check them out. If you want to have a little listen to what they sound like just check the dogs myspace. I particularly dig the tune "Singing on the dance floor" - there is something about a melodica played into a delay that feels like an updated homage to studio one and trojan records. Well its late(ish) and I'm going to chillax with a glass of red whilst grazing the interesting content desert that Australian terrestrial television has become - hello repeats world, thank you writers strike.

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