Sunday, July 29, 2007

Conceptual Randomisation

So this is the first post as I embrace the interweb and use it as a means to publish the random concepts floating through my brain. I have no pretence that I have genius skills when It comes to writing , Its more that i have finally decided to scratch the nagging itch in my brain telling me to write dammit as maybe there may be some gems of insight amidst the cloud of average.

Anyway why the name Subtle Yet Sheep? I had a number of other titles but due to being about 9 million years to late to get my act together and set something up a number of my titles had been used by all the quicker cooler kids who are on point with their digital skillz. Titles I was toying with included:

  • Tangential Meanderings (tangentials been done - look mum no new ideas on the net)
  • The Random Cowboy/Off the Randometer (I sometimes possess weapons grade randomisation abilities - unfortunately the random concept has been done even more to death)
  • Edge World (Way too late as bleeding edge tech voices own this concept)

Then I pulled the old take 1 concept and add it too a concept so diametrically opposed or unrelated that you get some weirdness:

  • Puppy Hammer (never the main option and could get flamed to hell by humourless animal rights terrorists)
  • Creepsy Thoughts (kind of a disney movie about a stalker connotation - which I'm not)
  • Tickle Punch (a bit too much of an abusive B&D relationship vibe)

Subtle yet sheep worked because I couldn't find it in Technorati (yegads a smidgen of originality in a sea of sameness). I also like the sheep thing as I'm from a little country called Aotearoa that has more sheep than people. I also like that you could spin it into the whole "however much I embrace mass individualism and contrary consumption I'm still a sheep".

Anywho the tangential, meandering, randomised, rambling has begun. If you dig come back and I may even write some more.