Sunday, March 9, 2008

Faster than the speed of rumours

This post finds moi merrily typing from the comfort of my own couch sans wires on my lappie due to some amateur tech network jiggery pokery yesterday. As previously mentioned me and my beyonce had broadband connected to our unit so we now have super fast web access. I decided to further enhance the experience by adding a wireless router for a bit of mini wireless LAN action - (oh listen to the wannabe tech geek pepper his sentences with network jargon that he barely grasps.)

It was a challenging process complete with frustration (swearing), intermittent connections and
fairly poor networking on my behalf. Finally after an hour and a half I got the thing to work and have been savouring wireless internet faster than the speed of rumours.

Well this post is going nowhere fast I shall retreat to other sites to calm my short attention span and desire for new content

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