Saturday, August 11, 2007

Snow Biz

I have had an ongoing task on my mental to do list that I haven't attended to in the past few weeks due to slackness having non digital fun. That task was to sit down and create some more content for this mental download.

So whats been going on? I hear none of you ask as I have barely let anyone know that this blog exists. I went south last weekend with an mixed posse of geezers, dudes & snow terrorists to throw down some 320 stevie wonders to fakie Stephen Hawkins on the slopes. As the old song goes "there's no biznezz like snow bizzness" especially when the snows this good. An awesome time was had by all although there were a few casualties throughout the weekend:

  • Crazy Ayyyyyyman the Egyptian sim card dealer had to get a lift off the mountain by the ski patrol after unsuccessfully trying to destroy his knee with some kind of rag doll falling manoeuvre

  • Van Homo the grand wizard of below the line DM campaigns and pervy books had his snowboard successfully destroyed by a careless monkey operating a base grinding machine at Perisher.

  • Alpha the man child entrepreneur air specialist busted an "angry bouncer" air - named because when he tried to jump it looked like an angry bouncer threw him off the jump and onto his side.

  • The Chomp (aka me) I managed to land a number of air 0' window winderz to face - named because the board doesn't spin but my arms do as I try and wind up the windows in the air before gently rotating forward to land on my face. (they are all the rage with the creaky jointed middle aged drum n bass posse's)

  • Ski-mon my work associate SEM/SEO/SMO/SMP geezer who ski's like a bad guy in a James Bond film -all style and fluid control. Due to having mad skillz on two skis he didn't fall all weekend which marked him as the black sheep of our avalanche of average slope style. Although he did manage to hurt his cerebellum with an evil concoction on the friday night

We all managed to turn a positive into a negative when we transformed our early arrival in Jindabyne on the Friday night into an opportunity to have too many beers. This then degenerated into Jiu-Jitsu as Alpha demonstrated a range of chokes on my inert form to the rest of the posse. Good times indeed. This smart move meant that we all had a horrible taste in our mouth for a solid chunk of our alpine activities on Saturday.

We had much fun and even got fresh snow and blue skies at Perisher on the sunday which is generally unheard of on our snow trips - normally its gale force winds, sleet and ice/slush with patches of grass. Other highlights included checking all of the fresh styles on the hills. Massive style points must go out to:

  • The asian dudes rocking the matching jacket pants combo who were projecting a kind of P Diddy in aspen, wearing burberry ghetto chic vibe. Oh so hip hop but also a little contrived.

  • The tall older caucasian gent who was unafraid to wear stretchy tight pants. This meant that on first inspection it appeared to be a very very ugly six foot four lady russian pole vaulter from behind. Never a good look.

Anyway was fun -I must go and pursue a life away from this keyboard.

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