Saturday, August 11, 2007

Random Saturday arvo link love

Two posts in one day - crikey this blog bug is biting hard. The concept of this post is to give some sites & people I dig some random link love. Whats link love? Well for those non search savvy readers of this blog (not that there are any readers yet) links are one of the main things the overlords of all modern information retrieval (aka search engines - specifically the big G) love. They use links to figure out whats good relevant content (the wheat) and whats not (the chaff) and by linking to stuff you like your little link may help a site rank better and get more traffic. Now at no point am I intending for this ongoing exercise in keyboard based verbosity to become yet another internet marketing blog. Its more that I figured I should explain what my in jokes to myself are about. So heres a list of people that deserve some link love:

  • Happiness reflexology - I had some reflexology from my friend Lou who runs this business a few weeks ago. I had never had reflexology before and afterwards I was the most relaxed I had been in weeks. Which is saying something, as sometimes I can be a little mAnIc. So if you want a good reflexology sydney clinic check the site and pick up the phone. (yes I know the last sentence does not read perfectly but with the big G its all about the anchor text (the words in the link) .

  • Six ounce surfboards. Ben at 6oz is my fibreglass dealer. He is the purveyor of dreams to a number of us surf crazed fiends in the eastern suburbs. And don't let the retro, yellow tint chunky, quad finned DVS board thing fool 'ya. Ben has access to some very very high performance Australian shapers. So if you live in Sydney; hell even Australia; and want to access some sweet new surfboards then talk to the dealer man.

  • Violent Acres - this is perhaps the most piss funny blog I have ever read by an anonymous women (?) in the US of A. Confronting , angry and hilarious this is everything the internet was meant to be. She has a tonne of links so maybe I'll thow her some generic anchor text like piss funny blog.

  • Dave Naylor - an English search engine optimisation (SEO) sith Jedi (who I stole this whole idea off). His blog's probably too niche if you're not into online marketing but I can't "repurpose" his idea without throwing a link his way. So if you want to read a kick arse seo blog then click the little link.

Well that completes my random link-a-thon - and an important note none of these links are paid for (I'm talking to you Google). And so ends another journey off the on ramp of my brain. Stay tuned for further words and bizness.

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