Sunday, August 26, 2007

One of my favourite places in the World

The font of tech genius that is the big G (aka Google) have recently upgraded Google maps to allow embeddable content (similar to You tube). This piece of tech means that I can now break all rules of surfing conduct around identifying surf spots and throw in a map of one of my favourite surf spots in the world. Now before the hardcore watermen form a stoic and super gnarly posse to chase me out of the castle like an angry mob in frankenstein with deep tans, wearing volcom and brandishing sharp pointy Merrick's, dhd's and firewire boards , I should point out this is a "known" spot that is named in surf media in NZ. Anyway I love this beach, I did a lot of learning there and I have had some really fun waves there. Although not epic or even super consistent this beach holds a special place in my heart, because of the serenity, beauty and total New Zealandness (not a word I know) of the place.

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I'm probably going to regret this but anyway its a display of how easy this technology is getting to use if a monkey like me can throw in a map with so much ease - bring on the not quite geek revolution where people with minimal digital skillz flood the web with an avalanche of average noize......

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Kunaal said...

I'm hoping the "not quite geek revolution" does not catch on too much or else it will put geeks like me out of work ;)
(Plus a little comment spamming while I'm at it :D)