Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Improved Blogger Page Title Hacks

After discovering to my horror that the page titles on this blog had reverted to the dreaded "blog title: post title" format which is the bane of semantic indexing and plays havoc with click through rates in search engines. Thus I was forced to edit the code of this blog again.

I decided to see if anyone had produced any updated code that would create decent titles while still allowing me to manipulate the page elements without breaking the page (which was a previous massive failure of the code I linked to in my previous page title post). Anyway I stumbled upon this awesome piece of code hackery that will easily let you to swap xml blogger page title's (thanks Archit !). This is a great piece of code and is super simple to install. I swear that if the world becomes the internet then brilliant indian devs/programmers like Achit (& Kunaal) will build it.

Yes I am a wannabe Geek!


Archit said...

Thanks for those kind words subtle yet sheep!

BTW, my name is Archit, not Achit! :P


Peter said...

While I'm here you might want to check out this link:

It came in handy for me!

Take Care,