Sunday, May 18, 2008

Give Six Ounce Surfboards your money

I caught up with Ben at Six Ounce Surfboards on Saturday and was reminded of why he is such a dead set legend. Ben was kind enough to play the role of "ding whisperer*" for me and sort out some minor cracks and tail damage to three of my boards that I have purchased from him over the past 3 or 4 years. I have basically been delaying this life admin task due to slackness and a consistent run of surf over the past couple of months.

Anyway Ben worked his ding whispering magic and hey presto the majority of my quiver was back in top form, Benny also would only except payment in Beer (coopers pale) and minor cash which I think is amazing for someone trying to pay the rent and feed his Hugs N Kisses and two kids. So in return I thought I would do the charitable thing and tell the 4 whole visitors I get to this blog each day what an exceptional human being Ben is and that if you are planning on buying a minimal surboard bondi or a longboard bondi then go see Ben and give him some money (not beer as Barnaby is too young to drink).

Oh and don't for a minute think from the link text that I ride any retro hemp smelling craft, I am a short board fascist kind of guy although my daily ride is a little fatter to deal with the lurch burgers that the Eastern suburbs frequently dishes out. The anchor text selection is purely based on my thoughts of what kind of things prospective customers might be throwing into Google when trying to hunt down a reputable surf shop in Bondi.

Anyway the swell should be building over night due to a nice Tasman low pressure system. Check the explosion in the WAM below courtesy of Coastalwatch

*A ding whisperer is a human who is like a horse whisperer of Surfboards that have magnificent powers to magically restore boards back to a sleek non busted up state. Favour should be curried with these talented wizards of resin by any keen surfer with poor ding repair skills (like me).

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