Saturday, April 26, 2008

Surfing is Good

The surf is absolutely cracking today in Sydney. I surfed a little known secret spot called Maroubra with a frothing pack of other dudes. I got a couple of fun ones and also got severely drilled duckdiving by a number of friendly bone rattling 4 foot peaks of doom. I love surfing in Autumn and winter when the winds switch after being onshore for days, and just like flicking a switch pretty much the whole east coast of Australia from the Victorian boarder to the Sunshine coast is pumping. There is something beautiful about the cool water, the smell of salt, the crisp mornings and the thrill of clean thumping waves that makes me feel alive at a cellular level. Well time for breakfast, my beyonce is back from a high rolling ski trip to Europe paid for extremely generously by her bestie Caria-Canaria.

Eat now, then more waves, then DJ Markie later for some Brazilian infused D & B warmth.

Good times.

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