Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Click ads grow trees with Ecocho

Some smart people I work with have just launched a search engine called Ecocho which is basically an "eco" search engine. How it works is that for every 1000 searches on Yahoo (via Ecocho) and every 2000 searches on Google (again via Ecocho) up to 2 trees will be planted via a carbon offsetting partner. A few people at TechCrunch have been bagging it out but from what I've seen all offsetting/tree planting is audited by KPMG so the process is legit. In a nut shell if you search via ecocho you get the same results as Google & Yahoo but you can be confident that you are contributing to carbon offsetting which is admittedly not as good as carbon reduction but its a step in the right direction. Anyway check it out its as valid a place to search as any of the other engines.


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