Sunday, December 9, 2007

Fish Out Of Water

Its sunny four foot and semi pumping in Sydney and I'm sitting here at the computer in the top floor apartment I share with my beyonce feeling pissed off, emasculated and generally like a slightly fat tubby ageing super hero past his use by date who can no longer fight crime and is reduced to reminiscing about the good old days. I am such a poor fucking loser and can't stand that it seems like everyone I know is surfing fun waves today while I slowly sink into a torpid mire of despair and mediocrity. It seems like years ago that I was on a boat in Indo getting
barreled and inhaling the heady smell of surfing progress and two short months later I'm a whingey over it ladyman venting my highly spoilt egocentric bullshit to the digital void. Fuck its not like I've had anything major go wrong in my life, one little ongoing hiccup in my life and my attitude plunges to the same level of average as Ben Cousins on a moody Tuesday. Well enough of my self centred crapola I'm going to seize the day and watch everyone else compete over fun overhead waves.
And yes I do realise how pathetic I sound

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Macka said...

Shit Danny boy.. I hear ya. Let me know if brother mack can help on these dark days.. we can go do something fun like shoot pigeons, steel grandmas teeth or set fire to a fertaliser factory.
Who needs surfing anyway!!