Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fifteen questions for 2008

  1. Am I the most erratic blogger on the net?
  2. Can I grow an ear drum tougher than Margaret Thatchers Tits and subsequently make my valiant return to surfing in 2008?
  3. Was the Christmas ham glazed with Rohypnol and the seafood entrees basted with valium or do I suffer from undiagnosed spontaneous festive season narcolepsy?
  4. Is there some irony in watching extreme sports on cable TV whilst doing the polar opposite as a couch based life form that struggles at the physical exertion of reaching for the remote?
  5. Does fuel TV make anyone who surfs, skates, snow boards, wake boards etc look like monosyllabic, single digit IQ, carbon copies of an archetype of radness and dudedom?
  6. Was I an alcoholic or was that just the festive season?
  7. How many good swells did I miss in 2007?
  8. Am I suffering from undiagnosed PMT (Pre Marital Tension)?
  9. Is Rolling Drum & Bass perhaps the finest music in the world for a workout?
  10. If I refuse to rock skinny leg acid wash jeans and baggy slogan t-shirts (ala mid 80's wear) does that mean I am now consigned to the fashion cul-de-sac of middle age apparel (not that I am middle aged) where cool comes from an air conditioner and not my wardrobe?
  11. Is it me or does a lot of electro music plainly suck?
  12. In true contrarian spirit is it me or are LCD sound system fabulous saviours of modern music?
  13. Are the eastern suburbs of sydney the new capital of militant body fascism? And am I happily buying into this obsession?
  14. Is snowboarding not one of the funnest most worthwhile past times to pursue behind surfing and recreational drinking?
  15. Do a lot of us truly fear success?

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